Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Grundlegende Tipps zur Auswahl eines Good Art Consulting Service

Zu Beginn ist hier ein Zitat, das eine Menge Leute seit geraumer Zeit vertraut ist, und es geht wie folgt aus: "die ' Erde ' ohne ' Kunst ' ist nur ' eh. '" Obwohl es ein bisschen Humor gibt, bedeutet es die Wahrheit. Kunst gibt uns eine Menge Bedeutung und es muss nicht schön sein, geschätzt zu werden. Aber in das Geschäft der Kunst einbezogen werden, erfordert sorgfältige Maßnahmen und Gedanken.

Die Einbindung von Kunst braucht oft das Fachwissen eines professionellen Art Consulting-Dienstes, um mehr Vorteile und positive Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Suchen Sie den Service, der mit Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants ähnlich ist, um Ihnen in ihrem künstlerischen Venture sehr zu helfen. Sie würden nicht viel Problem beim Kauf oder Verkauf einer Kunstwerke zum Beispiel, wenn Sie einen Art Consultant neben Ihnen haben.

Jeder von uns hat unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse, so dass es schwierig sein könnte, jemanden zu finden, der alle Ihre individuellen Anforderungen bieten könnte. Aber mit einer sorgfältigen Forschung und Auswahl, konnten Sie den künstlerischen Berater finden, den Sie brauchen. Im folgenden sind einige grundlegende Tipps, die Ihnen helfen, finden und wählen Sie die beste Art Consulting Service für Ihre Interessen.

Gründliche Untersuchungen durchführen

Sie können zu Fuß oder einfach mit dem Internet suchen. Und um die Dinge einfacher zu machen, können Sie dies mit Ihren Freunden, Verwandten oder Nachbarn diskutieren, die den Service eines künstlerischen Consultant erworben haben. Mit diesem können Sie ehrliche Empfehlungen zu gewinnen und könnte sogar die Liste diejenigen, die Sie vermeiden sollten.

Wählen Sie diejenige, die versteht

Das Geschäft, das Kunst beinhaltet, ist immer noch ein Geschäft, aber immer daran erinnern, dass, um die Ergebnisse, die Sie suchen, müssen Sie mit jemandem, der wirklich versteht sie arbeiten zu erhalten. Auf diese Weise können Sie mit dem Berater diskutieren alle Ihre Anliegen und Präferenzen mit nichts halten Sie zurück. Ähnlich wie die Dienstleistung von Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants, sollten Sie wählen, die ein breites Verständnis hat und könnte flexibel im Umgang mit den Unterschieden der einzelnen Kunden. Denken Sie daran, dass ein qualifizierter Art Consultant-Service könnte so etwas mit ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung Umgang mit vielen Menschen in der Vergangenheit tun.

Berücksichtigen Sie Ihr Budget

Getting the Service of a Art Consultant könnte ein bisschen teuer, so müssen Sie sicherstellen, dass Sie den Dienst von einem mit Ihrem Budget leisten können. Wählen Sie die, die Sie sich leisten können und hat ihren Bedingungen einschließlich Ihres Budgets zugestimmt.

Devin Fitzpatrick ArtConsultants legt großen Wert auf die Beziehung zwischen dem Kunden und dem Berater. Beide Seiten sollten ein gegenseitiges Verständnis haben, um mit einem wertvollen Ergebnis zu enden. Es könnte Ihnen eine Menge Mühe am Anfang nehmen, aber wenn Sie sorgfältig wählen, die Sie arbeiten werden, wird alles glatt gehen am Ende.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tokyo MK Taxi: Things to Consider Before Traveling

Planning a vacation includes selecting your destination, a place to stay and a transportation service that will get you the places in your itinerary. You need to be extra careful and pay attention to everything so you could have a memorable vacation ever. The very first thing you need to decide is the places you like to visit and the activities you want to do. Choose places that can help you relax and forget your work commitments. 

The next to be considered is the accommodation. Make sure to book a comfortable place for your stay and of course, within your budget. Do some research online for hotel promos and do not forget to read trusted reviews to serve as a guide in choosing the most desirable hotel in your destination. If you already have a schedule for your trip, book your accommodation as early as possible so you could take advantage of potential cost-saving options they may offer for early bookings.

The next area of concern is the transportation service you are going to avail. There is numerous reputable chauffeur service available to cater your transportation needs. Tokyo MK Taxi has long been serving the people of Japan, Korea and the United States as a global company providing high-quality taxi and chauffeur service at a very reasonable price. They offer not just a ride in comfort and style, but an easy and stress-free way to travel and arrive at your destination. Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts and cars included in their vehicle fleet are Lexus 600hl, Lexus 460, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Fuga Hybrid and much more. With over 212 types of taxi and 58 different models of luxurious vehicles, we can provide the right chauffeur car service for everyone’s needs. For more details, you can visit their website.

When you hire Tokyo MK Taxi, you get the best customer service without having to wait in lines, deal with incompetent drivers or pay more than you should. You can travel with your own personal space and with a sense of security.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Galveston Capital Introducing the intelligence center of Indonesian Tourism: War Room M-17

'Practice what you preach' is exactly what the Tourism Ministry does with its “go-digital” campaign. The ministry not only applies the "go digital" philosophy to its promotional activities, it also brings it to its office.

An area called War Room M-17 was launched last year, located on the 16th floor of Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta. The area features interactive dashboards showcasing tourism promotions for Indonesia, other countries, tourism destinations, top 10 priority destinations and human resources institutions.

“This is big data, a combination of small and corporate data as well as social media. The data is very important and can become an early warning system for the tourism ministry to know what’s happening out there,” said the Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya.

This is also the place where the ministry monitors what other countries such as Thailand and Vietnam are doing in order to attract Chinese tourists, for example.

When Thailand is clicked on the dashboard, destinations such as Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya will show up on the screen along with a list of current events there and information about access, cuisine, security, cleanliness, accommodation and other services.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing on How Jakarta Can Maximize One of Its Potentials to Attract More Tourists

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Jakarta Great Sale Festival (FJGS) 2017 is expected to increase the number of tourists visiting the country's capital city, a Jakarta tourism official stated.

"The FJGS program has continued to improve every year, and it is expected that the number of tourists will also increase through this activity," Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Service Catur Laswanto noted at a press conference on the FJGS 2017 in Jakarta on Thursday.

Laswanto remarked that Jakarta has an advantage in the form of numerous shopping centers and malls that make the capital a tourist destination.

"Unlike other regions that have natural wealth that makes them a tourist destination, Jakarta has several shopping centers, and this is a tourist attraction," Laswanto emphasized.

The tourism official is optimistic that the FJGS 2017 will be able to compete with various shopping festivals in other Asian countries, as the products on offer are more complete and are available at lower prices.

"I laud the implementation of the FJGS 2017. Hopefully, this activity will continue to grow from time to time. We hope the FJGS would become a leading event in Jakarta," Laswanto affirmed.

This year, the FJGS will be held from June 2 to July 12, 2017. This event will be followed by 81 malls or shopping centers, 40 traditional markets of the Jakarta market operator PD Pasar Jaya, and 12 hotels and retailers from shopping centers.

During the FJGS 2017, a midnight shopping program or Midnight Sale will be held every week alternately in 27 shopping centers in Jakarta. In addition to the shopping program, the FJGS 2017 will also hold social activities.

In collaboration with the Jakarta Red Cross, the FJGS committee will hold Mass Blood Donation events in 36 shopping centers in Jakarta during the FJGS 2017.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cycling Tours Tokyo, Japan: Courses

We may be able to switch tour dates or add new dates. If the schedule doesn't match with yours, please send us a request through reservation form.


Departure: Please check the calendar
(Can be arranged by your request)
Availability: 10 persons each day
Duration: About 6 hours
Price: 9000yen/person

Included: Rental bike, Nationally lisenced English speaking guide, helmet (on request), cruise fair and insurance.
Not-included: Lunch

Meeting at Kachidoki (9:30am)
Tsukiji Fish Market (wholesale market is closed on Sundays, some Wednesdays and holidays. In the case, we will visit either the retail market area or Hamarikyu Japanese Garden.)
Rainbow Bridge walk
Odaiba Marine Park
Diver City Tokyo
Lunch (around 12:00pm)
Tokyo Bay cruise from Odaiba to Hinode ( 20 minutes)
End at Yurikamome Hinode Station (U04) (3:15pm)
You can stay in Odaina and take the cruise later if you want.

Note: Visiting places may be omitted or replaced because of operational reason. The guide will explain in that case.

The Rainy Day Tour
- We conduct the tour by using public transportation on rainy days. We may omit or replace some places.

After-tour recommendations:
- Hot spring experience at Oedo Onsen (No bathing suit allowed)
- National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (10-17, close on Tuesdays)
- Trick Art Museum
- Fuji TV station observatory (500yen)
- Gotouch Menmatsuri (Ramen restaurants)
- Takoyaki Museum (Takoyaki shops)
- Venus Fort Outlet
- Lego Land Discovery Center Tokyo
- Tokyo Joy Police (Sega amusement park)


On this tour we mainly explore Odaiba which is on man-made islands located in the Tokyo Bay. This area has many interesting spots but it's too large to walk. Biking is the best way to look around this huge area. We stop by some interesting facilities and give you time to look around. Probably you want to come back to these facilities later and spend more time. That's why we end this tour in Odaiba. We finish the tour with the cruise. We againg cross Rainbow Bridge but this time you will see it from the cruise ship.


Departure: Please check the calendar
(Can be arranged by your request)
Availability: 10 persons each day
Duration: About 6 hours
Price: 9000yen/person

Included: Rental bike, Nationally lisenced English speaking guide, helmet (on request), Sea Life Park admission and insurance.

Meeting at Edogawa Municipal Baseball Stadium <MAP><pdf> (9:30am)
Gyosen Park with the Japanese Garden and the Zoo.
Riverside cycling road
Local supermarket
Kasai Rinkai Park
Lunch break (around 12:30pm)
Tokyo Sea Life Park (Aquarium) entry
Tokyo Disney Resort area(1:30pm)
Picture stops at TDL
End at IKSPIARI in the Tokyo Disney Resort (3:30pm)
Note: Visiting places may be omitted or replaced because of operational reason. The guide will explain in that case.

The Rainy day tour
- We conduct the tour by using public transportation on rainy days. We may omit or replace some places.

After-tour recommendations:
-Tokyo Disney land/Disney Sea entrance with the Night Passport.
-Tokyo helicopter cruise
-Hot spring experience in Urayasu Mangekyo (Bathing suit partially OK)
-Dinner at Ikspiari shopping mall


Edogawa Ward is located in the east end of Tokyo prefecture and facing the Tokyo Bay. This area is densely populated as it is close to the centre of Tokyo, but it is still rich in nature. On our tour, we visit a lot of local parks including Kasai Rinkai Park which is famous for Tokyo Sea Life Park and the biggest Ferris wheel in Japan. We also drop by a big supermarket which you can't find in the center of Tokyo. In the later half of the tour, we cross the Edo River and explore the Tokyo Disney Resort area. We make some photo stops at major spots in the resort and also secret spots that only locals know.


Departure: Please check the calendar
(Can be arranged by your request)
Availability: 10 persons each day
Duration: About 6 hours
Price: 9000 yen /person

Included: Rental bike, Nationally lisenced English speaking guide, helmet (on request), Kiyosumi garden admission and insurance.

Meeting at Kachidoki <MAP><pdf> (9:30am)
Fukagawa-fudo Buddhist Temple
Tomioka-hachimangu Shinto Shrine
Kiyosumi Japanese Garden
Lunch break (around 1:00pm)
Ryogoku Sumo Stadium
Tokyo Sky Tree Soramachi
End at Tokyo Sky Tree Soramachi (3:30pm)
Note: Tokyo Sky Tree Observatory entry is NOT included. (Waiting line for buying the ticket seems less than 30 minutes except for weekends and holidays as of September 2014).
Visiting places may be omitted or replaced because of operational reason. The guide will explain in that case.

The Rainy day tour
- We conduct the tour by using public transportation on rainy days. We may omit or replace some places.

After-tour recommendations:
- Tokyo Sky Tree Observatory
- Tokyo Sky Tree Soramachi (shopping mall)
- Asakusa Sensouji Temple
- Sumida River Cruise
- Okachimachi market
- Akihabara electric town
-Ueno Zoo
-Tokyo National Museum

Shitamachi literally means "lower town "where commoner lived during the Edo era. Shitamachi is one of a few places where old atmosphere remains in this modernized Tokyo.

First we run though an old town which still remains between high-rise condominiums. Then, visit a Shinto shrine and a Buddhist temple. Both of them are not famous among foreign tourists but they have something worth visiting. Only locals know what the charms of them are. If we are lucky, we will see some Sumo wrestlers walking around near the Sumo stadium. This tour ends at Tokyo Sky Tree which has just opened on the May 22, 2012. You can find some nice souvenirs at the Soramachi shopping mall for sure.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Online Fraud Detection on 5 ecommerce fraud predictions for 2017

5 ecommerce fraud predictions for 2017

Ecommerce fraud is on the rise as more consumers turn to online shopping. Luckily, by being vigilant, merchants can fight fraud and win.

As the number of consumers turning to online shopping increases, the rise of online fraud is also rising.

Those committing internet crimes are depriving their victims of either funds, interests, personal property and/or sensitive data. As the threat escalates, consumers and companies alike are seeking various methods to tackle the phenomenon.

Ecommerce fraud has a long and controversial history. Thus, providing a forecast for the months ahead can help retailers adopt an adequate solution to confront the many challenges in 2017.

1. Identity theft and friendly fraud

The main threat will remain identity theft. Fraudsters will seek your personal information. Their main goal is to use a different identity and, for example, place an online order. Identity theft also includes a concept known as man-in-the-middle attacks where credit-card data is intercepted and copied as it is transferred online. 

In the practice of friendly fraud, a customer pays for ordered goods and/or services through a direct debit or a credit card. The second step involves a deliberate chargeback from the issuing bank, taking place only after receiving the purchased goods or service. The involved fraudster then goes on to claim the credit card or details of customer's account has been stolen. While the "customer" is reimbursed, they decide to keep hold of the goods.

2. Merchant and triangulation fraud

In merchant fraud, the goods are provided at extremely low prices yet no shipment takes place. There is also a wholesale version of this fraud. No specific method enjoys any exclusivity, yet it is common knowledge that no-chargeback payment methods come to life in this practice of fraud. This also involves a majority of the push payment types.

Considered as one of the more complex ecommerce attack methods, triangulation fraud involves quite a bit of collaboration, as three points are involved. Role #1 belongs to an ordinary customer placing an order through a type of credit, debit or PayPal tender. Role #2 involves a fraudulent seller receiving the placed order, then requesting the actual product from a legitimate ecommerce website while using a stolen credit card. Role #3 is the part played by a legitimate ecommerce website completing the order requested, completely unaware of the criminal nature.

3. Affiliate and clean fraud

Two types of affiliate fraud are popular these days, while both seek one objective. By manipulating sign-up data or traffic, fraudsters are pursuing the objective of collecting more money. Options include actual people using fake accounts who log into sites of merchants or simply employing an automated process.

Clean fraud also involves the use of a stolen credit to make an order. In such a method, criminals resort to complicated practices, such as using sound analyses equipped in fraud detection systems, and obtaining in-depth data on the owners of stolen credit cards. This information is needed to deceive the payment process and bypass the fraud detection solution.

4. The counterattack

Online piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods will face new challenges, as the U.S. Department of Justice has declared a new initiative teaming up state and local law enforcement agencies in this struggle. Washington has already pumped $3.2 million into this campaign.

New state-of-the-art advances are also making life more difficult for fraudsters, especially with the introduction of EMV chip card technology. This is a significant leap forward in enhancing credit card security, providing a strong incentive for small and large companies to jump on the bandwagon.

5. Fighting fraud

Fraud prevention and chargeback guarantee for ecommerce merchants, Riskified works on establishing genuine financial security between online customers and ecommerce merchants. This company delivers ecommerce fraud prevention solutions for merchants to certify previously avoided transactions.

At a time when the relationship between a buyer and a seller is in search of trust more than ever before, customer experience and the bottom line is protected through the services provided by this firm in pioneering the charge-back guarantee.

“We founded Riskified with the retailer in mind and have grown adept at servicing the needs global retailers have as they expand their e-commerce and m-commerce operations to provide more personalization to consumers,” says co-founder and CEO Eido Gal, signaling the high demand and importance of such services in today’s digitized world.

As calls for digital goods increase, we are witnessing a rise in the necessity of protection against fraud.

“Digital goods, such as electronic gift cards and e-tickets, are becoming increasingly popular. In the U.S., over $127 billion is spent on gift cards annually,” Shalhevet Zohar explained in a blog post about ecommerce fraud trends.

Such statistics, growing as we speak, demonstrate the huge market fraudsters seek to tap into—and the utmost necessity for consumers to be adequately prepared.

Final thoughts

The fraud landscape is a constantly changing and evolving phenomenon, demanding an adaptive approach to remain at top of your game. Retailers in the U.S. have suffered $109 billion more due to suspected fraud costs resulting from false declines of legitimate orders. This is far beyond actual fraud losses. The ecommerce industry is increasing its demand for fraud prevention platforms, and there is a new revenue opportunity for those companies able to provide such high-valued expertise.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Online Security Review Steps to Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Fraud

By William F. Whelan, guest columnist and Senior VP, Branch/Government Banking, Capital Bank.

As the 2017 tax season gets underway, Capital Bank of New Jersey is urging all customers to take extra precaution when filing their return to prevent their exposure to tax fraud.

“Fraudsters are using very clever tactics to get a hold of your personal information and submit false tax claims,” said David J. Hanrahan, Sr., President and CEO. “Consumers must be suspicious of any communication from the IRS—through e-mail, text or social media—that requests personal information, and should keep a watchful eye out for missing W-2s and mail containing sensitive financial information.”

Tax identity fraud takes place when a criminal files a false tax return using a stolen Social Security number in order to fraudulently claim the refund. Identity thieves generally file false claims early in the year and victims are unaware until they file a return and learn one has already been filed in their name.

To help consumers prevent tax ID fraud, Capital Bank of New Jersey is offering the following tips:

1. File early. File your tax return as soon as you’re able, giving criminals less time to use your information to file a false return.

2. File on a protected Wi-Fi network. If you’re using an online service to file your return, be sure you’re connected to a password-protected personal network. Avoid using public networks like a Wi-Fi hotspot at a coffee shop.

3. Use a secure mailbox. If you’re filing by mail, drop your tax return at the post office or an official postal box instead of your mailbox at home. Some criminals look for completed tax return forms in home mailboxes during tax season.

4. Find a tax preparer you trust. If you’re planning to hire someone to do your taxes, get recommendations and research a tax preparer thoroughly before handing over all of your financial information.

5. Shred what you don’t need. Once you’ve completed your tax return, shred the sensitive documents that you no longer need and safely file away the ones you do.

6. Beware of phishing scams by e-mail, text or phone. Scammers may try to solicit sensitive information by impersonating the IRS. Know that the IRS will not contact you by e-mail, text or social media. If the IRS needs information, they will contact you by mail first.

7. Keep an eye out for missing mail. Fraudsters look for W-2s, tax refunds or other mail containing your financial information. If you don’t receive your W-2s, and your employer indicates they’ve been mailed, or it looks like it has been previously opened upon delivery, contact the IRS immediately.

If you believe you’re a victim of tax identity theft or if the IRS denies your tax return because one has previously been filed under your name, alert the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490. In addition, you should:

· Respond immediately to any IRS notice and complete IRS Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit.

· Contact your bank immediately, and close any accounts opened without your permission or tampered with.

· Contact the three major credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit records:
                 o Equifax, Equifax.com, 1-800-525-6285
                 o Experian, Experian.com, 1-888-397-3742
                 o TransUnion, TransUnion.com, 1-800-680-7289

· Continue to pay your taxes and file your tax return, even if you must do so by paper.

· More information about tax identity theft is available from the FTC at ftc.gov/taxi theft and the IRS at irs.gov/identity theft.

Capital Bank opened for business in Vineland in 2007. Currently, it has four locations—two in Vineland, one in Woodbury Heights, and one in Hammonton. Capital Bank lends money to businesses and individuals throughout South Jersey, is an Approved SBA Lender and a New Jersey EDA Premier Lender. It is also 5-Star rated by BauerFinancial (BauerFinancial.com). For more information about Capital Bank, visit capitalbanknj.com.